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Federation of Beer is the official international craft beer production partner for Star Trek. I have been working with them to create unique, limited edition beer designs, packaging, and promotional material.

Packaging, artwork, merchandise, signage, marketing & promotional material design.

Packaging & logo design, WordPress based website creation & maintenance, brand development.

Shopify based website/e-commerce development & management, signage, marketing & promotional design, Google Ads integration & compliance, inventory, POS database & shipping management.

Design & refinement of packaging & promotional materials, brand development.

Logo concept & design, DVD cover artwork & editing assets, video editing/filming/production, brand consultation.

Jersey & uniform concepts & designs.

Packaging design & consultation.

Packaging & logo refinement, brand consultation.

Book cover design. Coming Soon!

Logo concept & design.

Logo concept & album cover design. Collaboration with Bonesgraffix.

Logo, merchandise artwork & design.

Logo concept & jersey design, OBS streaming & branding assets.

Logo concept, design, & promotional materials.

Logo concepts & design.

Packaging & logo design.

Weebly/Square based website build & management, public signage design & consultation.

WordPress based website redesign & logo refinement.

WordPress based website management.

WordPress based website build & management, graphic design.

WordPress based website build & management, graphic design.